[patch #9864] Use proper float function names and prototypes.

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[patch #9864] Use proper float function names and prototypes.

Kevin Cuzner-2

                 Summary: Use proper float function names and prototypes.
                 Project: AVR C Runtime Library
            Submitted by: gjlayde
            Submitted on: Thu 17 Oct 2019 08:27:15 AM UTC
                Category: None
                Priority: 5 - Normal
                  Status: None
                 Privacy: Public
             Assigned to: None
        Originator Email:
             Open/Closed: Open
         Discussion Lock: Any



        * include/math.h
        (cos, sin, tan, fmod, modf, sqrt, cbrt, hypot, square, floor, ceil)
        (frexp, ldexp, exp, cosh, sinh, tanh, asin, acos, atan, atan2)
        (log, log10, pow, isnan, isinf, signbit, fdim, fma, fmax, fmin)
        (trunc, round, lround, lrint) [double=64-bit]: Provide double
        [double=32-bit]: Provide protos with assembler names which are
        the corresponding float function name.

        (cosf, sinf, tanf, fmodf, modff, sqrtf, cbrtf, hypotf, squaref)
        (floorf, ceilf, frexpf, ldexpf, expf, coshf, sinhf, tanhf, asinf)
        (acosf, atanf, atan2f, logf, log10f, powf, isnanf, isinff)
        (signbitf, fdimf, fmaf, fmaxf, fmin, truncf, roundf, lroundf)
        Turn from macro to proper prototype.
        (fabs, fabsf, isfinite, isfinitef, copysign, copysignf): Implement.

        * libm/fplib/acos.S: Use correct names for functions that deal
        with float, e.g. acosf instead of acos.  Adjust comments.
        * libm/fplib/asin.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/atan.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/atan2.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/cbrt.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/ceil.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/copysign.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/cos.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/cosh.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/exp.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fdim.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/floor.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fma.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fmax.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fmin.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fmod.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/fp_arccos.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/frexp.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/hypot.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/isfinite.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/isinf.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/isnan.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/ldexp.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/log.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/log10.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/lrint.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/lround.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/modf.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/pow.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/round.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/signbit.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/sin.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/sinh.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/sqrt.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/square.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/tan.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/tanh.S: Same.
        * libm/fplib/trunc.S: Same.


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