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Support for megaAVR 0 Serie

Fauvel Christophe
Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for the work you've done and the quality or your
code and documentation.

As the sole hardware guy, in a small team, I have developed, for work,
custom boards with 48P/88P/168P & 2560.

I have created a shared custom HAL and drivers heavily based on avr-libc
for all these boards in order to ease the maintenance process.

It is also really quick to create firmware for a new board because I
"mostly" only need to update the gpio definition of the board and voilĂ  !
Plus, everything is versionable under Git.

For a new board, I was quite excited to use an atmega3209. The idea was to
add support for the new target and be able to use all the drivers as is.

As far as I have understood and tested, I can't use this workflow anymore
because  avr-libc doesn't seem to support megaAVR 0 series, such as the

There is, for example, an issue with the *<avr/boot.h>* for this new chip.

Is there a plan to add this chip to the avr-libc ?

Best regards,