Solving the timer problem with the avr-gcc

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Solving the timer problem with the avr-gcc

Hello gcc experts,

i am learning C using the avr-gcc.
There are so many microcontroller specific problems solved within the avr-gcc.
But up to now i couldn't find any solution for the elegant use of timers?

About 2 years ago i discussed the problem here in this german forum:

The result was only this cumbersome macro code for only one microcontroller:

Is there really no better solution outside?

My idea is to create a SQLite database to store for each AVR the corresponding timer interrupts, modes, register and bits.
A relational database could be a way to get the timer information (and more) mastered.
But i am not skilled enough if there is a way to get the information automated back into the source code?

Or would the only way to use this like the fuse calculator?
Then the needed basic register setting statements could be produced in this way.
It would be much more better than every programmer has to study and interprete the datasheets everytime himself.

Is there a place to collect such informations in a database?

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