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Re: Searching for avrdude compatible bootloader for atmega

Christopher Bailey-2
I have implemented the avr-gcc butterfly bootloader port on an ATmega16.

As Michael Giambalvo wrote:

 > I've been looking for a bootloader for my atmega16 board for some time
 > now.  I tried the one here (
 > ).
 > However, I had several problems with it.

 > 1) The signature was reported backwards ( correct bytes, just in
 > reverse order )

I didn't let this bother me. Maybe I should, but since it didn't seem to
interfere with the device reprogramming, I didn't worry about it.

 > 2) It reads every eeprom location as 3f

Try using the butterfly programmer-id instead of the avr910 programmer-id.

 > 3) This bootloader, which is supposed to be AVRPROG and AVR910
 > compatible, gives the atmega16 dev code 0x75 and the atmega169 code as
 > 0x79, while in the avrdude.conf file these are 0x74 and 0x75 for the
 > avr910, respectively.

I changed chipdef.h for __AVR_ATmega16__ to 0x74
#define devtype 0x74       // Mega16 device code

This matches avrdude.conf avr910_devcode:
# ATmega16

     id               = "m16";
     desc             = "ATMEGA16";
     stk500_devcode   = 0x82;
     avr910_devcode   = 0x74;

 > I'm hoping these problems are all indicative of some simple mistake
 > I'm making.  Also, is there some way for me to see exactly what
 > avrdude is putting out and getting back over the serial port?  Even -v
 > -v doesn't seem to get me that info.

Brian Dean pointed out that to get full verbosity use -v -v -v -v

 > Finally, can anyone recommend a bootloader that works with avrdude,
 > compiles under gcc, and works on atmega16s?  That would solve all my
 > problems straight away.

I recommend Martin Thomas' port that you tried. I banged my head on it
for a while myself. I am still trying to get it working in FreeBSD (See
my previous post today). The hang up for me was that I was trying to use
the -c avr91- programmer-id. You have to use the butterfly programmer
id. The butterfly bootloader is based on the Atmel AVR109 application
note, not the AVR910 app note.

Here is the avrdude command I have used to successfully program the
device from avrdude in windows once the bootloader is started:

avrdude -p m16 -c butterfly -D -u -U flash:w:newprogram.hex

I would appreciate hearing about any other golden nuggets that you come
up with along these lines.


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