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Re: Native USB support for JTAG ICE mkII added

Thomas Fischl
As Joerg Wunsch wrote:

> So the only requirement is the availability of
> usb_get_string_simple() in the version of libusb used, thus I've now
> based the autoconf decision for using USB on the availability of that
> function.

I don't have a JTAG ICE, but I've built my own USB programmer
( and use avrdude with libusb to communicate
with it, too. I noticed that for compiling on MacOS the line

AC_CHECK_LIB([usb], [usb_get_string_simple])

in isn't enough, because two Darwin specific frameworks are
needed: CoreFoundation and IOKit. With following modification I can compile
avrdude with libusb support on MacOS:

# USB stuff
        [Define if USB support is enabled via libusb])
AC_CHECK_LIB(usb, main, have_libusb=yes)
if test x$have_libusb = xyes; then
   case $target in
                LIBS="$LIBS -lusb -framework CoreFoundation -framework IOKit"
                LIBS="$LIBS -lusb"


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