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Andrew Louis
Hello all,

My name is Andrew Louis.  I am a student pursuing an MS in computer
science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  For some
time now, I have been looking to get involved in a free software
project.  I began looking through the "Contributors Wanted" listings on
savannah and saw your posting for a floating point library maintainer
and a C++ supporter.  Both of these sound interesting to me and I feel
that I have adequate skills for both.  I have prior experience with AVR
devices.  I also have thorough knowledge of and great experience with
both C and C++.  I would like to join and contribute to the avr-libc
project.  At this point, I could use your recommendations on how to
proceed and begin contributing, assuming you would like for me to join.

My savannah account number is 101186.


Andrew Louis
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