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Help with ftdi_syncbb

Kyle Roberts

Having issues with an ftdi_syncbb based programmer. I was able to find  binaries for AVRDUDE 5.11 which were built with libftdi1 support. However this version of AVRDUDE has a bug where the read thread would not close. See


I am trying to build AVRDUDE from SVN in MinGW. I have successfully built it with the following config:


Configuration summary:


DON'T HAVE libelf

DO HAVE    libusb

DO HAVE    libusb_1_0

DO HAVE    libftdi1

DON'T HAVE libftdi

DO HAVE    libhid

DO HAVE    pthread


ENABLED    parport

DISABLED   linuxgpio


However when I run avrdude, I get the error reporting that the device has not responded to Program Enable. I know that the programmer and device are connected correctly since everything runs fine in 5.11


Could it be that my build is pulling bad dependencies or possibly the programmer pin scheme has changed in the avrdude.conf? Any ideas? Thanks.

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